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Firetop * Farseeker * Danaan

Click for color imageFew brothers are more unalike in appearance than Danaan Farseeker and his brother Whlen. Other than sharing midnight-blue eyes, they might as well been born of different parents. Whlen is tall, broad-shouldered, and one of the strongest elves in the Isle. Danaan is light-boned and exceedingly slender. Danaan would have much preferred to be like his older brother. Instead, his precocious gifts and the Isle's need for him, led him to relinquish any chance of following his childhood dream.

Danaan is the most gifted of Dlen's four children. He easily 'walks free' of his body. He is capable of detecting a sending directed at him nearly from the edge of the mountains rimming the valley; and with a few elves, even further. He senses the departed spirits lingering about the Isle clearly. At times he can converse with them, and can share awareness of their presence with other elves. He also has the ability to sense the kind of magic a child is born with.

Never Recognized, Farseeker has come to view all the children in the Isle as in some sense his own. He coaches most of them in the development of their magic skills, and is always ready to listen to a childish plaint of woe or a question.

Parents: Dlen and Zarill
Siblings: Brownstone, Whlen, Saiya
Children: none

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