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Dlen Life-Bringer

DlenNo one knew when Maka was carrying her second child that she was carrying the first healer to be born in the Isle -- and the founder of the most powerful and respected family line. Dlen, in fact, had only a small healing talent, which was unapparent to everyone, until the day she surprised Tinar by announcing to him that she would one day heal his arm. It was a promise she kept, though, for his own reasons, Tinar refused to let her attempt to heal the scars on his face and neck. As it became apparent how limited her healing talents were, Vrayl took over her teaching, passing on all the knowledge that Liria had gifted him at the moment of her death. With his help and encouragement, Dlen took that knowledge and expanded it into 'heal-crafting,' an art any elf could learn.

While Dlen's magic flesh-shaping abilities were limited, she excelled in another field. Her Recognition to Zarill, Diirla's grandson, led to no less than four offspring (all alive at one time). Moreover, three of the four were strongly gifted: Brownstone, a rockshaper--who twice managed to bear children outside of Recognition, without any particular help from her mother, Whlen, gliding and, eventually, self-shaping, and Danaan Farseeker. The youngest, Saiya, lacked any great gift, but in turn passed on the magic to her two daughters.

Parents: Maka and Therin
Siblings: Bareth
Children: Brownstone, Whlen, Danaan, Saiya