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Catclaws * Firewalker * Vaistaree

Who is this tall, silver-haired, silver-eyed creature who moves among human-kind with such ease? Who is this elf who knows only what humans have taught him? What secrets lie behind the mask that is Firewalker's face -- a mask that has two sides; the right of fine-boned beauty, the left a furrowed, blind mass of scars?

Firewalker has survived around humans for centuries, if not millenia. A poor hunter, he has taken the basic skills taught him by Sh'jan, the human woman who found and healed him, and become a superb leatherworker. Once he has gained the acceptance of a human tribe, he uses his skills to barter for supplies. He searches, so he would say if asked, for more of his own kind. But his lack of success may well be tied to his fear of meeting his own kind -- a fear that has slowly grown. After all, might there not be a valid reason why he is alone and nameless? Would not his kind--who must all be of surpassing beauty--be horrified and repulsed by his terrible scars? What if he succeeds in finding his own kindred, only to be exiled in truth and not in guess? Perhaps, it is better not to know the truth, not to risk shattering a dream...

Thief * Firewalker