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Sunflower * Keeva

Until she met Firewalker, Sunflower had never known anyone outside of her own family. In separate incidents, both her parents died, leaving the twelve-year-old girl with a seven-year-old brother. Eeking out a hardscrabble existence, with few hunting skills, Sunflower develops more than a few fantasies about the other elves she'll someday meet. She's quite unprepared for the reality of a half-blind, horribly-scarred Firewalker who knows even less about elvinkind than herself. Even after he saves her life -- nearly at the cost of his own -- she can't help but be repulsed by his appearance.

Parents: Vert and Blackwing
Siblings: Owl

Thief * Longest Night * The Ledge of Madness * Firewalker