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The Fisher

Whlen is the first elf born in the Isle with a noticeable self-shaping gift, but it is a gift that did not come under conscious control until after many years of self-study and concentration. Until his younger brother's revelation of his own gifts, Whlen did not much concern himself with magic, enjoying the simpler pleasures of a strong, powerful body. Sharing his frightened brother's vision of the Valley as seen by spirit, Whlen yearned to do the same. Nevertheless, he did not neglect his physical skills, remaining--until Tallrunner challenged him -- the strongest and fastest warrior in the Isle. Whlen made few complete changes until the Years of Sorrow, when he changed to cat-form to scout beyond the limits of the far-walkers' senses. The shape-shift nearly proved fatal when he lost awareness of his true self within the cat instincts. Only Danaan's need for him called him back to the Isle, and only the gathered strength of the elves gave him back his original form. Since then, he has feared his gift, using it only in minor ways, to increase his capabilities for underwater swimming and fishing.

Parents: Dlen and Zarill
Siblings: Brownstone, Danaan, Saiya
Children: Berrywine

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