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(Unlinked titles indicate stories that are still being written.)

The Early Years

* Decision Maker The Palace has fallen, its dwellers scattered. Can one small group of survivors regather their wits enough to decide what to do?
* Patterns Can the High Ones learn to fit themselves into the pattern of the world of two moons?
* Life Lives On Death Lives On Life Lives On The elves are starving, and Var has disappeared. Can the elf who once gave them hope now give them hope again?
* What Little Girls Are Made Of First-Born Aerva wants to learn to hunt, the Firstcomers want her to learn magic.
* Honey Tree Wherein three youngsters go to hunt deer, but come back with something rather different.
* For A Child Liria longs for a child.

The Willed Born

What happens when children become a means and not an end?

Fall of the High Ones

* Revolt Maddened by grief, Var declares war on the five-fingers. And only one slender youth stands in his way...
* The Ten Who Crossed the Mountains Elzrian has a vision of a mountain lake in a mountain valley that will take the elves' magic, hold it, and give it back to them. Vrayl chooses to follow the vision--but will he lead the elves to a new home, or to death?


* Taiva's Little Adventure What happens when two little girls decide to explore the forbidden caves.
* Haven Vaerrain's carelessness may lead the human hunting party straight to the caves of her vulnerable people. Can the last First-Born of the High Ones find safety for her people?
* Wind-Walking Woodwoman The humans' version of what happened.
* As Stubborn As Tinar... His children and grandchildren are dead, and his mate Recognizes another. Can a maimed elf find healing within himself, or will he succumb to a High One's poison?

For the Lake, For the Isle

* Danaan A young boy must decide what to do with his gift.
* The Teaching of Farseeker A grown-up Danaan wants to learn adult games. Not everyone approves of his teacher, however...
* Break the LakeHolder! Vrayl dies when the poorly-designed Lakeholder bursts, precipitating a competition for the leadership of the Isle.
* Courage Is After the humans attack the elves celebrating the completion of the Lake-Holder, a young elf must prove he knows what true courage is.
* Wolf's Bane A young lad chose the discomforts and dangers of the shore, rather than the safety of the Isle--and the Council's rules. But can even he resist the most beautiful maiden in the Isle?
* Fool's Mountain A cautionary tale for youngsters.

The Years of Sorrow

* Gornga One-Eye An ambitious young man plans to carry out the ancient goal of his people.
* Rescue An aging Gornga risks the Brown Bear tribe to reach his goals. He succeeds. Or does he?
* Pass Watch The elves thought they'd ended the danger with the rescue of the three elves, and Gornga's death. They were wrong. Fatally wrong.
* Spiral of Hatred Is there any way to end the ever more vicious fighting between elf and human?
* The Hall of Remembrance The humans have left the valley: the elves have won. But at what cost to their souls?


* Renewal The night of remembrance has unexpected results.
* A Joy to See Will the birth of his soul-brother's daughter give a blind elf motive enough to want to see again?
* Prankster His parents already detest each other. Will their son bring them together, or drive them further apart?
* Song of Summer Her daughter might as well be her dead mate reborn. Can Sandpainter reconcile herself to her daughter's gift, and perhaps, reclaim her own?
* The Hunt Tyl must fight the Elders to gain his right to go ashore after his age-mate Newdawn accidentally looses control of his magic and kills But gaining the right is only the beginning...
* Wildfire! After a second wildfire nearly kills three elves, Newdawn would do anything to gain death. Even strike a bargain with the elf who saved his life the first time.
* To Heal the Valley The elves were not the only ones devastated by the Years of Sorrow. The valley is recovering more slowly than it should. Can a young elf--and an ancient human--somehow lay the pain of those years to rest?

The Lake Dwellers

* Triangle An ancient rivalry is reborn.
* StarGlow Hall The games elves play
* Choices A four-year-old only wants to make her father happy.
* The Lake-Dwellers Humans once again approach the valley. But are their motives for good or ill? And will the Isle even give them the opportunity to show what they intend?
* Truce The Healer's near-sacrifice has created a fragile truce between elf and human. But will the truce survive the Isle's divisions?
* The Ledge Of Madness Hunting in the area where their ancestors created the Mountain Stairs, Moth sights three strangers moving down the Mountain of Despair toward the Ledge of Madness where the last High One died. And the first blizzard of winter is bearing down on them...


* Thief Catclaws has been alone for uncounted years, ignorant of who and what he is. Then, he meets one of his own--a thief who has stolen sacred objects from the nearby village. Now, Catclaws must decide whether or not to risk his life to save a stranger who is revolted by his appearance.
* Firewalker (A novel) Catclaws, now renamed Firewalker, would not have thought that anything could be harder than walking through fire to save a stranger's life. Then he wakes up in a strange place, amidst more of his kind than he ever imagined existed, and in a new body...