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What's New

6 June 2001 Added a story, Courage Is
10 Feb 2001 Added images to the bio pages of Diirla, Morthrek and Elzrian.
08 Feb 2001 Added images to the bio pages of Goldensong, Maelin, Solarn and Aelin, and a Photoshop version of Farseeker to the Gallery.
31 Jan 2001 Added Moth Brightdark's image.
28 Jan 2001 Added images for every one of the thirteen habituants of Starglow Hall.
13 Jan 2001 Added two pictures to the Gallery and images to Haliil's bio. Added Elfwood link.
31 Dec 2000 Added images to Dlen's,Brownstone's and Wallmaker's bio, and added Zarill.
29 Dec 2000 Added image to Silvertree's bio, and defined 'Drum Feast' in the Notes page.
28 Dec 2000 Added Axehand's biographical sketch. (Actively working on the store "Courage Is".
27 Dec 2000 Added this page and redid Notes page. (Note: The page isn't finished yet, as the graphics need adding.
24Nov 2000 Added Ultimate Elfquest Webring link
16 Sept 2000 Added graphic to Soriaythek's bio. Added the new Gallery (Art) page (3 graphics so far).