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NightDancer * Meyrl

There's not much NightDancer can do wrong. He's popular with the lasses .... and the lads ... but is also liked and respected by the Elders. Assign him an unpleasant task, and he's apt to make a game out of it. He's by far the best dancer in the Isle, and more than a bit skilled in needlework. Gregarious and happy-go-lucky, he's also patient -- a good thing since he's set his heart on a wayward lass who doesn't want to admit what she feels for him. But that doesn't bother him too much. He can wait.

Then, one summer, a new tribe of humans appear north of the Lake, and are given temporary permission to settle in caves on the eastern shore. Curious about the beings he's never met, NightDancer finds them utterly fascinating -- not to mention a very appreciative audience. He's more than convinced that the Isleanders should let them stay.

And he can't really understand why so many elves vehemently oppose the idea. He doesn't really understand why elves are so upset, ... or the lengths they'll go to, to make sure the humans won't stay...

Parents: Amber (mother)
Siblings: unknown
Children: none