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Cliffclimber Cliffclimber is a tall, slender rockshaper and--by Firewalker's time--the oldest active hunter. She's evolved into a serene, rarely flustered person who frequently mentors the children on their first hunts. She is often the second in command on the large hunts, and is frequently asked to mediate arguments. Like Vaerrain, she's had a long series of lovemates, rather than a lifemate. Unlike Vaerrain, she doesn't tend to throw ex-lovers out of her room.

Cliffclimber has Recognized twice, with different elves. Her second Recognition is not one of the cherished times of her life, for the man she Recognized on that first Night of Remembrance was probably the elf she liked least in all the Isle. "Lazy, smelly and unkempt" was one of her kinder descriptions of Linefisher--who made matters worse by finding their situation extremely funny. She never forgave him his laughter. "Jest" was the somewhat bitter appellation she gave her son--a name rather more appropriate than she would have intended, since he grew up to be the Isle's resident prankster, Thorn.

Children: Jest
The Teaching of Farseeker * Firewalker