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Spring * Dawnflower * Kleeyar


One of the elves conceived on the first Night of Remembrance, Spring was the compassionate heart of the sextet. A gentle person, Dawnflower learns the hard way not to let others take advantage of her kindness. She is a very poweful plantshaper, but is quite modest about her capabilities. She would not appear to have much influence upon Isle decisions, for she rarely speaks up in a crowd. But she is the very-respected and listened-to granddaughter and grand-niece of two of the Council of Elders, besides being mate and mother to two of the four elves capable of 'farwalking.'

Parents: Berrywine and Sunrock
Siblings: Chena (killed during the Years of Sorrow)
Children: Moth Brightdark

To Heal the Valley * Triangle * Choices