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**Somehow, I always knew my life would be short,** Elzrian sent to Tinar before he died. However strong this presentiment was, Elzrian never appeared to let it shadow his life. One of the most powerful elves born of the early generations, this black-haired, green-eyed elf had the ability to make even Var smile. Indeed, his charismatic personality may have been his greatest gift--for at least on one occasion, he came close to mending the rift between the former leader and the 'born-here' Vrayl. Elzrian persuaded Var to be his teacher, when Strongsender had refused to teach since the willed-born disaster. Yet he remained Vrayl's best friend. Regrettably, though Elzrian was a strong glider and shielder, he lacked the instincts of a fighter. During the raid on the humans' camp to rescue the captives, Elzrian held a shield over Tinar and Aerva as the latter helped her badly-injured mate to his feet. But he forgot to shield himself, and was mortally wounded by a spear through the back.

Parents: Diirla and Morthrek
Siblings: Therin
Children: none

Revolt * The Ten Who Crossed the Mountains