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Starglow Hall

Starglow Hall is where the younger, unattached elves tend to hang out during the winter months. Most aren't the slightest bit interested in life-mating, as their favorite game is 'Furballs and Lovemates', a seemingly never-ending competition to see who can lure whom into their beds.

The Lads


Bearfox - Perhaps the best of the younger hunters, Bearfox has ambitions to replace Nightblade as Hunt Leader. He's been mightly annoyed that the Council didn't name him that during the years when Nightblade was in involuntary exile, or again when she became pregnant. A rather pugnacious, hot-tempered type, he apparently hasn't figured out why the Council might be reluctant to give him a leadership role.


Bluetails When an accident involving a dye vat threatened to leave him with the permanent nickname of "Redface", this dyer and weaver fought back by developing a singularly outre wardrobe. Dying the ends of his blond hair blue, he's always looking for a way to outrage the Elders' visual sensibilities. He often acts the clown, but frequently, his antics are deliberate attempts to defuse tense situations, and he is one of the more perceptive individuals in the Isle.


Countercatch A bit on the indolent side, he's nearly as fascinated with numbers as Vaerrain is. He is an indifferent sender and glider, and prefers gathering or fishing to hunting. He's one of the few elves who can consistently beat Tinar at his favorite (chess-like) game.

Deer Youngest of the lads, his predicted gift of rock-shaping has still to bestir itself. Which doesn't bother him very much, since he's happy increasing his skills as a hunter and fighter. He has found in himself a deep love of the woods and a touch of animal-speech. Dark-haired, dark-eyed and as quick as his namesake.


Grayhammer is an excellent hunter and rock-shaper with metal affinities. He's obsessed with a story about a spear once made of a sky-fallen stone (meteorite), and is on the track of making steel. When he's not involved in the aforementioned activities, he's avidly chasing the maidens.


Longbreath The best swimmer in the Isle after Whlen, and that's without a smidgen of self-shaping skill. He is a very physical elf and one of the Isle's best dancers. His favorite solo dance is 'Waterfall', a frankly erotic dance where his only costume is a headband to which floor-length, silver-blue fringes are attached.


Quickbow was given his name from an incident when humans ambushed a hunting party in the gorge. Trapped by humans both in front of them and on the cliffs above, two of the elves panicked, tried to glide, a nd were killed. A third was badly wounded. Quickbow made a dash for his exposed friend, shooting arrow after arrow so quickly, and slapping aside spears without touching them, that the unnerved humans hesitated long enough for the remainder of the party to come to the rescue.

Thorn is one of the oldest elves who frequent Starglow, and a born trickster who can occasionally turn mean. He's been exiled to the shore once or twice for jokes that went too far, but that never seems to teach him anything.


The Maidens



BlackSwan, a lithe maiden with black hair and blue-green eyes, would like to believe that she is the best dancer in the Isle after Nightdancer. In sheer physical ability, perhaps she is. But she's not the one Nightdancer chose to teach the 'Firebird' solo--perhaps the most complicated solo dance in the Isle's repetoire. She's prickly and tends to carry grudges.


Cedar is the de-facto and sometimes bossy leader of the Starglow Hall habituants. Appropriately named for her pale auburn hair, dark green eyes and plantshaping skills, She loves mischief, but tries not to take it too far.


Copper does much of the gem-work of the Isle, working with the pure metals. Her hair matches her name. She's Cedar's closest friend, and quick-tempered.


Sheersilk is best spinner in the Isle, using her magic to create the ultra-fine thread used in the weaving of the sheer fabrics from which she takes her name. She's one of the elves who doesn't particularly care for the 'outside'-- unless its from several hundred lengths up.
Tailtrim is an very good hunter, and loves the challenge of winter-time hunts. She is also an excellent tanner and clothes-maker, though she pretends disdain for the gossamer fabrics that Sheersilk and others create. She's an agressive and not particularly subtle player of "The Game".