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Shadow * Tekar


There are not many elves who will refuse an invitation from Vaerrain, even knowing her peremptory treatment of lovers she's lost interest in. Shadow is an exception. The gray-eyed elf who liked wearing his long, straight black hair as an ankle-length cloak, was not the slightest bit interested. His disinterest, unfortunately, only made Vaerrain more determined to seduce him. The ongoing battle of wills and wits was one of the more entertaining topics within the Isle for years.

Until the Years of Sorrow.

Mourning a sister, a mother and many friends, Shadow was even less inclined to give into any Vaerrain's ploys by the time he returned to the Isle after those long, bitter years. Unfortunately, he had little choice. No one knew that the first Night of Remembrance was going to turn into a sexual celebration triggered by four-years worth of suppressed emotions and the manipulations of a certain Healer and a farwalker. Vaerrain, however, understood what was happening soon enough to take full and unfair advantage of the situation.

Furious when he woke to find Vaerrain in his arms, Shadow refused to have anything to do with son he unknowingly sired. That didn't bother Vaerrain, who was just as happy to raise Newdawn by herself. Silverbranch, who shortly after the Night of Remembrance became his lovemate, tried to persuade him to give up his resentment and share in the boy's upraising, but she never succeeded. It was a grudge with fatal consequences...


Siblings: a sister
Children: Newdawn

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