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"The Planner" * "Firefeet"
The last elf born with a Firstcomer for a parent, Vaerrain is opinionated, selfish, and quite capable of causing trouble for sheer amusement. She's not infrequently--and unflatteringly--compared with a tree-cat, being prone to throwing her erstwhile furmates out of her room -- sometimes literally -- when she gets bored with them. Nevertheless, she's always much sought after for an evening's or winter's romp, and there's very few who would turn down her invitation.

Despite her faults, she is respected by (most of) the Isle for her skills in organizing, and in visualizing how to meet the elves' needs. As she herself has wryly admitted, "I can more easily see the needs of the Isle, than the needs of a child." In some respects, she has the spirit of an engineer and a mathematician. She loves numbers (an interest viewed with total bewilderment by most elves), and she has an intuitive grasp of the forces involved with shaping the Isle and the Lakeholder. When Vrayl died, she insisted that she was the logical choice to succeed her uncle. Most of the elves did not agree.

Parents: Haliil and Var
Siblings: Diirla
Children: Newdawn, 2 others

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