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Sunshine * Goldensong * Irruul


Goldensong (or Song for short) is the premier musician, composer, choreographer and instrument-maker in the Isle. One of the six elves conceived on the first Night of Remembrance, after the Years of Sorrow, her musical talent was apparent from a very early age -- much to the distress of her mother Sandpainter, whose lifemate and young daughter were tragically killed in the waning days of the war. Nor were the elder elves initially comfortable with her gifts, as her music-making talent led her into creating songs different from the teaching and timing songs that were the main repetoire of the Isle before the Years of Sorrow. What right did an elf, born after the war, have to create songs about that terrible time? But 'Sunshine' persevered, gradually winning the acknowledged right to the name her age-mates gave her before she was grown. A plant-shaper, she also invented a number of new instruments, creating most of them from carefully shaped wood or reeds.

Parents: Sandpainter and Evergreen
Siblings: Tylmna
Children: unknown

Song of Summer