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Sandpainter * Ameka

Sandpainter is one of the Isle's artists, uniquely gifted. A rockshaper, she can reduce any piece of rock to a pile of sand, then merge it back into a whole. She uses her abilities to create translucent wall dividers and fanciful clear-crystal 'lamps.'

Besides being an artist, Sandpainter is an outstanding hunter and a fair fighter. But like many elves, Sandpainter found her life devastated by the Years of Sorrow. Giving birth to Tylmna (Life's Gift) just days before the ambush of the Pass Watch, the Isle would have allowed her to stay safely within the island stronghold. As soon as she could, she joined the fighting. Towards the end of the fighting, her mate Snatchsong and her daughter were both killed when they should have been safe. Grief-maddened, she refused the orders to retreat and let humans leave the Valley. Hunting down one group, she attacked, and was left for dead. Raven found her and got her back to the Isle in time to save her life, but not her arm. Not wanting to live, barely sane, Sandpainter was further rocked when she woke up after the Night of Remembrance to discover she had Recognized Snatchsong's cousin, Evergreen. Hard enough it was, to give birth before she thought she was able to love again. When that child proved to be born with Snatchsong's looks and Snatchsong's skill...

Children: Tylmna, Goldensong
Song of Summer