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Haliil restingIn the memories of the Isle, no elf is more revered for courage than Haliil Brave-Hearted. To the Isle, no elf ever faced a more excruciating decision than the young, pregnant elf woman on the Mountain of Despair. (The 10 Who Crossed the Mountains) She saved the founders of the Isle ... at the cost of her heart.

Not that anyone would have guessed such a fate for Maelin's last-born. Though she lost her mother as a child, Haliil had a happy enough childhood, raised by her father and Solarn, who had lost her mate in the same (human) attack that killed Maelin. (Revolt) Though Tinar was her almost-constant playmate and friend, it was Elzrian who drew her attention as she matured. A shy but happy maiden, she dreamed that one day she would Recognize her lovemate--or Tinar--it didn't really matter.

Then, one day, she looked up and met Var Strongsender's eyes...

Parents: Maelin and Daleur
Siblings: Aelin , Vrayl
Children: Vaerrain

Revolt * The Ten Who Crossed the Mountains * Break the Lakeholder!