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"Squirrel-nest" * "Weaver" * "Eldest"

Aerva First-Born had a less than portentious start to existence, compared to the two younger girls born shortly after herself. Looking like neither one of her parents, with a stubbornly unmanageable mane of hair which gained her Solarn's unflattering nickname, she was uneager to learn whatever magic might be available to her. Whatever the Firstcomers might have expected of their children, she was not. Non-magical skills were for many years her only interest: she loved the challenge of hunting, and was ever looking for ways to create new things with her nimble fingers. She figured out the basics of spinning and hand-weaving before the mountain trek, and continued to improve techniques after the founding of the Isle. Her Recognition with Tinar became a bond of love that outlasted all of their pain, and even the stress of a second Recognition to another. Surviving the millenia, they become the "Eldests" and Keepers of Memory--though they are not necessarily considered the wisest.

Parents: Tayalli and Kayeer
Siblings: Solarn
Children: Taiva, Klayeka

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