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"One-Ear" * "Eldest"

Portrait of Tinar Tinar is a white-haired, dark-eyed, irascible elf whose stubbornness is both his strength and his weakness. His stubbornness kept him alive during the mountainous trek led by Vrayl, and kept him searching for a reason to going on living when it seemed all his dreams were shattered. But his hatred of humans and stubborn refusal to consider alternatives leads to less happy results in "Truce." Less inately gifted than many elves, he has struggled long and hard to master his far-walking and gliding skills. Consequently, few things irk him more than a youngster who is not interested in perfecting their magical skills -- particularly if Farseeker determined that the youngster in question has strong gifts.

Part of his stubborness is held in the lifemate bond he shares with Aerva. Together, in most of the eras of the Isle, they are the Eldests and Keepers of Memory. While they may not be as revered as Savah of Sorrow's End, they are the unyielding core and symbol of the Isle's existence.

Parents: Solarn, Sayek
Siblings: Morthrek
Children: Taiva

The Ten Who Crossed The Mountains * Taiva's Little Adventure * As Stubborn As Tinar * Truce