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Raven * Deathdancer * Nightblade * Vreelar

Nightblade is a passionate and out-spoken rock-shaper and hunter, acknowledged, since the Years of Sorrow, as the premier hunter and warrior in the Isle. As such, she generally speaks on hunting issues in Council, and is the Hunt Leader for the Fall Hunt.

Named Raven at birth for her black hair and golden eyes, Nightblade's eventual leadership abilities would not have been foreseeable in her youth. Indeed, the Council was concerned that she would end up like her father--the rebellious, solitary Wolf. Almost as soon as she gained the freedom of the shore, she began disappearing with Wolf on his frequently years-long trips outside the Valley. That changed when Wolf was captured by humans. Raven rescued him, but he was mortally wounded during the escape. Wolf begged for a quick death, but she refused, determined to get him back to the Isle and to the young Healer who was her sister.

She succeeded in getting Wolf back alive. But Moonlight's talents and skill were too immature. Too late, Raven realized why her father had not wanted a return to the Isle. Raven lost a father, and Saiya her mate. Moonlight lost her innocent and confident joy in her ability to Heal.

Dismayed by the pain she had inadvertently caused her sister, Raven chose to stay in or close to the Isle. Though she never won her argument with the Elders that Moonlight should be allowed the same privilege of trying for shore-freedom that the other youngsters had, she made sure that the Healer was as well-taught in self-defense as her sister would allow herself to be.

During the Years of Sorrow, Raven quickly became known as the Isle's best fighter and one of its best tacticians. Indeed, so quick and deadly was she, the humans knew her as 'Deathdancer.' After Axehand's death toward the end of the war, she took over the leadership of the fighters, and, with Vaerrain, ended the fighting.

Nightblade is as good a teacher as she is a fighter, as she proved with Vaerrain's last son, Newdawn, whose firemaking talent went tragically out of control. But love and temper betrayed her, when her lifemate--nearly killed in an accident--met the eyes of her sister...

Parents: Eveningstar and Wolf
Siblings: Silvertree
Children: Firefly

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