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Snowcap * Wolf * Alaun

When humans surprise the celebrating elves after the completion of the second Lakeholder, a young boy's parents are found dead, and him vanished. The Isle feared the worse, that the humans had taken Snowcap. Several days later, Whlen followed a faint trail and discovered the boy curled up in a wolf's den, hovered over protectingly by a snarling mother wolf. Retrieved from the den, the boy was cared for by his uncle. Three years later, the uncle died in a hunting accident. Shunning attempts to comfort him, the boy becomes a silent, rebellious lad. He flees to the shore without permission, resisting attempts to bring him back, and escaping again at the earliest opportunity. The Council of Elders eventually throws up their collective hands and exiles him to the shore; declaring that he may not re-enter the Isle until he agrees to obey the Council.

Self-named Wolf does not believe he cares, once he makes a friend with a black-coated, yearling wolf, who is as much an exile as himself. For some years, the two have no need for anything or anyone outside themselves. But eventually, the immortal elf must face the loss of a mortal friend.

Parents: Starstone and Karell
Silblings: none
Children: Raven, Silvertree