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Moonlight * Silvertree * Lirlin

SIlvertreeSilvertree is generally considered to be the first fully-gifted Healer of the Isle. This very tall, slender elf would prefer to present an air of cool control: in truth, she's just as passionate and hot-tempered as her sister, with an unfortunate tendency to hold a grudge. Under some circumstances, she would be quite capable of using her powers to make someone's life utterly miserable. She's not generally tempted, however, since she knows perfectly well that her uncle Farseeker, together with the lifemated Eldests, is quite capable of blocking any such misuse of her talents.

As with all Healers, Silvertree is much sought after as a furmate. No one really holds her interest, however, until the day she saves Fireclay's life after a kiln explosion. Summer-green eyes meet gray, and it's almost instant love as well as Recognition. There's only one problem. Fireclay's lifemate is charging towards the Isle, terrified because she can't sense his spirit, half-mad with the thought that, if he's dead, she'll never learn his true-name, never bear his child...

Parents: Eveningstar and Wolf
Siblings: Nightblade
Children: SnowLeaf, Redfeather

Renewal * The Lake-Dwellers