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Morningstar * Eveningstar * Saiya
If there was a vote in the Isle for the most beautiful elf, Saiya would probably win. But there has all too many times when Saiya would have happily accepted being uglier than any human, if only she had even her mother's limited gift of healing. It is not just that Saiya lacks the ability to shape flesh--rather her curse is that she has a Healer's sensitivity to injuries, but lacks the magic to do anything about it.

Dlen does her best for her youngest child, whom Zarill named "Morningstar." The Healer teaches the young maiden everything she knows about heal-crafting. After Dlen's death, Morningstar does what she can, even managing to expand the Isle's pharmacopeia. But the lack of a true healing gift is a source of frequent pain and grief for the heal-crafter. No one in the Isle is happier to realize that her second child will be born a true Healer. Once Silvertree is fully grown, Saiya, her use-name changed to Eveningstar after the death of her Recognized mate, gradually shifts her activities to caring full time for the Council of Elders.

Parents: Dlen and Zarill
Siblings: Brownstone, Whlen, Danaan,
Children: Raven, Silvertree

Wolfsbane * Shaper, Shaper, Burning Bright * Renewal