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Little Fox * Firefox * Redclaw * Sharek


It is rare enough for two elves to be born within a few moons of each other. Almost unheard of, are two elves born on the same day. But so were born Little Fox and Goldenrod. Raised together, they were the closest of friends, sharing their 'true-names' (as Isleanders refer to soul-names). When his friend disappeared, Firefox insisted for moons that Tallrunner was still alive. No one believed him, even his friend's parents.

Passion and loyalty turned to bitterness, Firefox spurned most of the Isle activities, becoming almost as solitary as Wolf. Eventually, friends enticed him back into a more normal life, but he stubbornly refused to forget about his vanished friend, on more than one occasion getting into arguments or fights with those who only remembered--or knew--of Tallrunner through Tinar's story, Fool's Mountain.

When "Found" was rescued, it was Firefox who recognized the mutilated, crippled elf, and who managed to reach what was left of Found's mind and help him understand that he was among people who would care for him.

Hating humans almost as much as he loved his soul-brother, Firefox was torn between his desire to fight the humans as he was to stay with his friend, when the humans invaded the Valley. He threw himself into the fighting with an abiding sense of controlled rage. Nevertheless, when a human axe took off his right hand and most of his forearm, leaving him for dead, Firefox was just as relieved to be able to spend all his time caring for his overworked, far-walking friend.

Life took a decidedly better turn after the Years of Sorrow for the elf who now called himself Redclaw, for the hooked rock he had shaped to replace his hand. Recognizing Darter, blessed with a daughter they named Joy, evenly more closely bonded, now, to a slowly recovering soul-brother, Redclaw's life was full. Acerbic wit mellowed, and even the abiding hatred of humans seemed less intent.

But life on the World of Two Moons rarely stays sweet for long. Though humans encroached on the Valley far less often than before the Years of Sorrow, they still created havoc and sorrow. Joy was killed, and later Darter. Only the bond with Arrowrock kept him sane, for that elf, despite returning memories and a lovemating with Dawnflower, still desperately wanted and needed Sharek at his side. Sane, perhaps. And still able to love and cherish a soul-brother's Recognized offspring. But beneath the surface, the hatred for humans festers...

Siblings: a sister
Children: Joy

Fool's Mountain * Rescue * A Joy to See * Choices * Truce