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How does an elf lead his tribe, when the deposed leader is still on the scene? Young Vrayl had no more vexing problem than the necessity to cope with Var, once he had taken over the leadership. (Revolt!) It was a problem made no easier when Vrayl Recognized Var's lovemate.

Twice threatened by humans, Vrayl chose both times to lead his people elsewhere, the second time following a vision given to him by his dying friend. (The 10 Who Crossed the Mountains) After keeping his people alive through a harsh mountain winter, Vrayl led them that next spring to the lake-centered valley of Elzrian's dream.

If Var's dream was to make his people strong enough to return to the stars, Vrayl's dream was simpler--to keep his people safe. Though it was not his idea to move to the island in the lake, he eagerly adopted the idea and expanded on it. Together with Aerva, Tinar and Diirla, he worked out the first signals that could be passed between shore groups out of sending-range of the Isle or each other. He began the rule that became the Isle's most ironclad tradition--no pregnant elf was allowed ashore, and no child, until the latter proved their ability to hunt, fight, and survive.

Yet the Isle was not entirely safe, as the elves learned during a prolonged dry spell that lowered the Lake level drastically, allowing a raiding party of humans easy access to the shallow southern beach. Determined to see no more children die, Vrayl led the attempt to increase the size of the lake by shaping a dam across its myriad exits to the gorge below. Tragically, he failed to listen to Vaerrain's insistence that the shapers had not created the right width or shape to the LakeHolder. Trying to correct the strains he felt in the stone dam, Vrayl was in the center when the first LakeHolder burst.

Parents: Maelin and Daleur
Siblings: Aelin, Haliil
Children: Maka, Klayeka

Revolt * Love Between Equals * The Ten Who Crossed the Mountains * As Stubborn As Tinar * Break the Lakeholder!