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ZarillWhat's a clever, handsome plantshaper to do when he Recognizes the Isle's only Healer? Why, enjoy it, of course. And this obviously isn't just any Recognition -- not when the pair of you have for offspring one of the strongest rock-shapers in the Isle, and one of the strongest and fastest lads in the Isle, and the most beautiful maiden. Of course, then there's that rather puzzling third child, Danaan, who's a rather shy and diffident farwalker -- except when he's not.

Oh, yes, life is very good to Zarill. Perhaps too good. Perhaps Zarill forgets that life is change, at least on the World with Two Moons. For after all those years of joy and pride, Zarill's self-satisfied world is shattered by the abrupt death of his lifemate and his elder daughter. Will Zarill manage to pick up the pieces of his life and go on, or will he continue to wallow in his rage that blames his younger son for those deaths?


Children: Brownstone, Whlen, Danaan, Saiya

The Teaching of Farseeker